Why Are So Many Gooners Flocking To Masturbate2gether.com? 

Gooners, to the uninitiated, are people who are hopelessly addicted to porn and watch hours of it day in, day out. If you’re a Gooner, then that explanation was, naturally, utterly unnecessary. What is necessary, of course, is being pointed in the right direction so you can scratch that terminally unscratchable itch. 

For such people, one cam site is mentioned more and more frequently. That site is called Masturbate2gether.com, and has become a favored haunt of no small number of Gooners in recent months. 

If you’re a Gooner – and even if you’re not – you’re probably wondering why this is the case. What does Masturbate2gether offer that other cam sites (and, for that matter, porn sites in general) do not? Why should you bother paying it a visit? 

Fear not, dear reader – we’re going to lay everything out for you below. 

What Is Masturbate2gether.com? 

Masturbate2gether.com is a cam site offering hundreds (if not thousands) of gorgeous cam girls (of cis and trans varieties) and guys. It’s noted for being particularly cosmopolitan by cam-site standards and offering a broad selection of guys and girls from around the planet. 

Why Is Masturbate2gether.com So Popular With Gooners? 

To the casual observer, Masturbate2gether.com seems like one more cam site, and it might be hard to figure out what’s so special about it that it’s causing Gooners to flock there in droves. 

In actual fact, there are a few fairly solid reasons that Masturbate2gether.com is so attractive to Gooners – and, for that matter, to casual porn enthusiasts too. Let’s take a look at what those reasons are. 

The Interface Is Fluid And Intuitive 

Few things can sink a cam site faster than a terrible UI with a clunky, unintuitive layout and a poor design philosophy. Most people are there to wrestle with themselves, after all, not the user interface. 

Thankfully, Masturbate2gether has knocked it out of the park with their layout and interface. They haven’t tried to reinvent the wheel; they’ve kept things simple and straightforward, with categories and top countries available at the top of the screen, along with quick private-chat options. You can also search the site for your particular poison (which we’ll get to later). 

All in all, the fact that Masturbate2gether is so simple and easy to use is a big mark in the plus column and a huge reason why Gooners keep coming back. 

The Search Function Is Great 

Want to keep porn addicts around on your site for longer? Then you’d better make it easy for them to find what gets them off. Thankfully, Masturbate2gether does just this. 

A lot of cam sites skimp on search functions, offering only basic functionality – and even restricting that functionality if you’re not a paid-up member. This isn’t the case with Masturbate2gether, which offers a suite of powerful search filters that make it easy to find what you’re looking for quickly and easily. These include the ability to search by country, age, ethnicity, language, and particular traits (BBW, small tits, redhead, etc.). 

You can apply multiple filters, too. This makes it possible to search for a very specific type of girl – and given the variety of performers they have on the site, you’re more than likely to find just what you’re looking for. 

And speaking of that variety… 

They Have A Huge Stable Of Performers 

A huge reason why Gooners keep returning to Masturbate2gether.com is that it’s really hard to get bored of the variety of girls and guys on offer. Even if you’re a hardcore gooner who spends 6 hours a day edging, there’s always going to be a bunch more performers that tickle your fancy. 

There are, at any given time, between 2000-5000 performers online on Masturbate2gether. They are, admittedly, mostly girls, but that’s par for the course with any cam site. And the sheer number of girls online means that there is a huge variety to choose from. Whether you’re into Colombian, Polish, or even Chinese girls, you’re bound to find someone who piques your interest. 

And though most performers are girls, that doesn’t mean that they skimp when it comes to trans girls and guys. Masturbate2gether has a relatively high number of both online at any given moment – you can typically find, for instance, 300-500 trans girls online and more than 1000 gay guys. 

Given the fact that these two categories are often vanishingly small on other sites, this makes Masturbate2gether.com easily one of the best sites for gay and trans performers. 

It’s Very Affordable 

A lot of cam sites can get very pricey very quickly, making it hard for Gooners to maintain their 4-hour-a-day habit. So the fact that Masturbate2gether has so many Gooners coming back is, in of itself, proof of just how affordable the site is. 

Masturbate2gether.com operates on a proprietary token system whereby tips and private chats are both paid for with the aforementioned tokens. You can sign up for a premium membership, which means getting a monthly stipend of tokens to spend as you see fit, or you can simply buy a bunch of tokens without a membership.

Packages start at around $11 for 100 tokens and get cheaper the more you buy. As a point of reference, private chats cost around 6 tokens per minute for the cheapest but can go all the way up to 90+ tokens for the most expensive girls. 

Of course, most Gooners are not blowing through close to $10/min to spend some time with a cam girl – and luckily, there are a lot of performers who operate at the lower end of the token spectrum, meaning it’s easy to spend some quality time with a greater performer without breaking the bank. 


Given the ease of use, relative inexpensiveness, and the sheer volume of guys and gals on offer at Masturbate2gether.com, it’s not hard to see why so many Gooners have decided to make it their cam site of choice. 

And the fact that there are so many Gooners returning to the site time and time again acts as one of the biggest recommendations Masturbate2gether could possibly garner. You can take it as read, then, that Masturbate2gether.com is well worth your time and money. 


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